Our team at VetIQ Petcare believes that all animals deserve to receive high-quality medical care in a friendly environment. That’s why our team of certified veterinarians works day in and day out to provide professional preventative veterinary care.

Your Best Bud Deserves The Best Care:
Our Convenient, Low-Cost Vet Clinic

The certified vets at our Wilmington clinic are dedicated to making pet care easier and more accessible than ever before. Whether your pet needs a bi-annual health checkup or a heartworm treatment, our team of animal-lovers is equipped to provide your pet with high-quality, personalized care using the top equipment.

Services & Pricing for Dogs: While all dogs need bi-annual checkups and regular vaccine boosters, we understand that every dog is different. Our Wilmington vets will dive in-depth with you to understand your pet’s unique lifestyle and develop an individualized treatment plan.

Services & Pricing for Cats: Many people think of cats as low-maintenance pets, but just like any other animal, your feline friend should visit the vet twice a year for regular check-ups. VetIQ Petcare’s certified veterinarians will make sure your cat stays in perfect health by conducting a physical exam and performing any necessary services including nail trimming, feline leukemia tests, vaccines, and more.

Visit VetIQ Petcare In Wilmington, NC Today!

If you’ve explored our services and still aren’t sure what veterinary services your dog or cat needs, we recommend using our free online Pet Wellness Report. By providing information about your pet’s breed and lifestyle, you can gain insight into your pet’s individualized needs. After completing the report, visit our vets in the Wilmington Walmart Supercenter on Carolina Beach Road for a $10 Pet Wellness Check-Up. For your convenience, we don’t require appointments and are open in the evening and on weekends, so feel free to drop by today!

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