VetIQ Petcare provides personalized care for your cats and dogs in a friendly, accessible environment. We believe that every animal deserves to receive the best medical treatment and we are proud to offer professional services such as vaccinations, nail trimmings, and physical exams all without hidden costs or fees.

Personalized & Pain-Free: The Best Care For Your Best Buddy

As pet-lovers ourselves, we understand that every animal is unique. That’s why our licensed veterinarians are dedicated to getting to know your animal and its lifestyle in order to develop an individualized treatment plan. From regular pet exams and pet health certificates for travelling to rabies and rattlesnake vaccines, our St. Joseph vets are prepared to provide whatever your pet needs to thrive.

Services & Pricing for Dogs: Even if your pup seems healthy, it’s important to bring them in for a pet exam every six months in order to monitor their baselines and renew their vaccines. We also provide heartworm and tapeworm treatment, nail trimmings, and more! Click the header link to learn more about our veterinary services for dogs.

Services & Pricing for Cats: Your cat isn’t just talented at hiding in your closet, she is also talented at hiding when she’s feeling sick. Since cats often mask their illness, it’s important to bring your kitty in to see your local St. Joseph vet once every six months. Click the header link to learn more about our veterinary services for cats.

Visit Your St. Joseph Animal Clinic Today!

Still not quite sure exactly what vaccines and treatments your pet needs to stay healthy? Our free online Pet Wellness Report allows you to enter information about your dog or cat’s lifestyle, breed, and more, then delivers a customized report to help you tailor their pet care plan. After completing the report, visit our St. Joseph VetIQ Petcare clinic in the Walmart Supercenter on North Belt Highway. for a $10 Pet Wellness Check-Up. We offer evening and weekend hours to make caring for your pet is easier than ever before.

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