What Is A Wellness Check-Up?


Pet Wellness Check-up

A comprehensive check-up performed by our licensed veterinarian.

You’d certainly visit the Vet if your pet was sick. However, because we want to ensure your pet lives a healthy and happy life, we recommend bringing your pet at least once a year for an in-depth wellness check-up. That’s because our pets may not show symptoms of illness and unfortunately can’t communicate how they’re feeling.

Rather than focusing on a specific issue or illness, a wellness check-up allows our licensed Veterinarian to access the overall health of your furry friend, prevent and give guidance on how to prevent certain health issues as well as detect potentially life-threatening conditions before they become bigger issues. Visit us today. We’d love to meet you and your four-legged friend!


An in-depth check-up
covering 8 key areas.

  • Bring your pet to VetIQ Petcare for a comprehensive $10 Pet Wellness Check-up performed by our licensed veterinarian.
  • You’ll receive a personalized wellness plan with veterinarian
    recommendations specific to your pet’s needs.

Receive a personalized review including concerns, diagnosis and recommendations for your pet.

How Often Should My Cat Or Dog Receive A Check-Up?

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that all dogs and cats receive a pet exam at least once per year, and ideally every six months, especially for older pets. While this may seem frequent, dogs and cats are masters of disguise and often hide their pain, making it difficult to tell when they are developing a disease. Additionally, many health issues may not cause noticeable symptoms until they’re in the late stages of development.

Bringing your animals in for bi-annual pet exams is the most effective way to prevent disease, and avoid unnecessary expenses. That said, just like humans, dogs are more susceptible to certain disease depending on their age; for example, puppies will need to visit the veterinarian approximately every month to receive vaccinations. You can discuss a customized Wellness Plan with our licensed veterinarian upon your first visit to your VetIQ Petcare animal clinic!

What Does My Vet Check During A Pet Exam?

During your wellness check, our licensed veterinarians will examine eight key areas of your pet, including their head and snout, skin and coat, and abdomen. Taking your pet’s physical examination and medical history into account, our vet will discuss and recommend appropriate treatments and services including vaccines, booster shots, and nail trimmings.

How Do I Prepare For My Pet’s Wellness Check-Up Exam?

The best way to prepare for your dog or cat’s wellness check-up is to complete our Pet Wellness Report ahead of time. This free online tool provides a useful and personalized assessment of your pet’s unique healthcare needs based on their breed, lifestyle and more. And, when combined with a wellness check-up, helps our veterinarian develop a custom and comprehensive pet care plan for your dog or cat.

Visit Your Local VetIQ Petcare Animal Clinic Today!

After receiving your Pet Wellness Report results, find your local VetIQ Petcare vet clinic and visit us today! We’re proud to offer evening and weekend hours so that you can visit us at your convenience. We look forward to seeing you and your friend!

* The results of the Pet Wellness Report are based on pet owner input and are to be used for informational purposes only. The report is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian regarding the pet’s health and medical condition.

† Does not apply to/cover physical exams required to treat minor illnesses or injuries.