360° Pet Wellness

Personalized petcare made easy

Our team at VetIQ Petcare knows that the best pet care happens when loving and knowledgeable owners like you are involved in the pet care process – that’s why we developed 360° Pet Wellness, a unique approach that makes it easier than ever to make sure you’re providing your best friend with the care they deserve.

Streamlined Service & Personalized Pet Exams

Our 360º Pet Wellness is a unique and personalized approach to your pet’s health! First, take our free online Pet Wellness Report which is a useful online assessment of your pet’s unique healthcare needs based on breed, lifestyle and more. Next, bring your furry friend to your local VetIQ Petcare and for just $10 our licensed Vet will review your pet’s Pet Wellness Report and do an in-depth Pet Wellness Check-up. Based on the Vet’s findings, she or he may recommend vaccines, boosters, blood tests or other items ensure your pet’s overall health.


Pet Wellness

Start with our FREE online Pet Wellness Report that offers useful insight in to your pet’s specific healthcare needs.

  • Breed-specific health, body, nutrition and lifestyle insights.
  • Alerts which highlight potential health concerns you should discuss with our veterinarian and an overall health risk rating.



Pet Wellness

Bring your pet to VetIQ Petcare for a $10 comprehensive Pet Wellness Check-up performed by our licensed veterinarian.

  • Receive a personalized review including concerns, diagnosis and recommendations for your pet.
  • If it’s determined your pet needs additional treatment, we’ll discuss options and next steps.



Pet Wellness

Give your pet the best possible wellness care with VetIQ Petcare.

  • Our veterinarian will work with you to determine the best on-going personalized plan to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.
  • We provide a variety of wellness services at affordable prices.


Reduce Unexpected, Unnecessary, & Expensive Vet Visits

Our 360° Pet Wellness approach allows you to play a powerful role in your pet’s well-being. Get started by completing the online Pet Wellness Report, then find your local VetIQ Petcare animal clinic and bring your furry friend to visit us today!

* The results of the Pet Wellness Report are based on pet owner input and are to be used for informational purposes only. The report is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian regarding the pet’s health and medical condition.

† Does not apply to/cover physical exams required to treat minor illnesses or injuries.