Select Wellness Centers Are Open

Same quality and affordable essential pet care, now with enhanced safety protocol.

No Appointment Needed and Safe Curbside Service

Staying home is important right now. But so is making sure your pet is protected from rabies, heartworm, fleas & ticks, and other diseases.

When your pet is due for a vaccination, needs heartworm or flea & tick medication, or has a minor medical concern, stop by one of our Wellness Centers,* where the health and safety of you, your pet, and our staff is our highest priority. 

*select locations are now open, providing essential veterinary services.

How We’re Making Veterinary Care Convenient and Safer

Four Easy Steps

Park & Call

When you arrive, drive by the front location of the clinic to get the phone number from our signs, then park in the lot and call the number. Remain in your vehicle and our staff will guide you through the next steps.

Pet Pickup

When it’s your turn, pull up to the designated curbside location. We’ll meet you at your vehicle, escort your pet into the clinic and you can return to your parking spot.


Our licensed veterinarian will examine your pet and call you to discuss a treatment plan and the cost before providing service.

Pet Return

Once treatment is complete, the vet will call you to answer your questions and give any instructions. Our staff will process your payment and then bring your pet back to meet you curbside.

All of our clinic staff follow responsible personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, and we’ve added recommended safety measures, including personal hygiene protocols and extra steps to clean and disinfect our clinics before and after every patient.

Essential Services Available

The following services are considered essential and are currently being offered at our Wellness Centers unless state and local authorities put additional restrictions in place.  Your local Wellness Center staff will be able to provide further information during check in.

Rabies and Lepto vaccines for adult pets (and other routine vaccines at veterinarian’s discretion)

Puppy and kitten vaccines per protocol, including deworming

Anal gland expression

Preventative product sales, such as flea, tick and heartworm preventative

Heartworm tests, if indicated and at veterinarian’s discretion

Minor medical care (ears, eyes, GI upset, urinary and skin/allergies)

The following nonessential services are not available at our Wellness Centers at this time:
Wellness exams or bloodwork, health certificates and routine nail trims*
*Some exceptions may be made in urgent situations. Please visit your local VetIQ to discuss with a veterinarian.

Where We’re Open

The PetIQ Family of Brands includes VetIQ, VIP Petcare, and PetVet. No matter which brand you have visited in the past, our clinic staff can access your pet’s records, and you can be sure your pet will receive the same quality care you’ve come to expect. 

Some locations you have visited before may not be open at this time. However, we continue to follow national and local guidelines when determining which locations to open, and we look forward to seeing you and your pet at your local location soon. Be sure you are signed up to receive emails with the latest information about clinics opening in your area.